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of all living things are a four piece Dublin based band. Initially inspired by our own childhood and

art forms that emit themes of nostalgia, our music manifests that sentimental and introspective


Our second EP ‘Cold Plunge’ is coming out both digitally and physically (CDs and vinyls) on the 31st

May 2024. This EP was largely written over a winter when we would gather in our dark rehearsal

room after endless days of work. The mood was often low, and we noticed how we had a growing

penchant towards writing slower and softer music. Our first EP, 'On Familiar Ground', was written

in the dregs of covid while we were still in college. For this EP we‘re now in our late 20s, and have

become acquainted with the unforgiving nature of the working world. The themes of the EP, as

well as the title itself, refer to these environmental changes we’ve gone through as a band over

past couple of years. It has an effect on our relationship with one another, and the music we write,

and this can be heard on our latest offering, ‘Cold Plunge’.


You can find them on Spotify, Instagram, or any other digital platform.


Photo by Evan Cahill 

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