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of all living things is a four-piece Dublin based band. Inspired by nostalgia and memories of youth, the sound is reminiscent of 90's alternative music with textured guitars complementing delicate female vocals.


Following their debut EP 'On Familiar Ground' release, the new single 'Mostly Timing' was released on June 3rd with Any Other City Records. 'Mostly Timing' was written as part of the band's recent approach towards a more organic and collaborative songwriting process.


"We had a quiet couple of months after our autumn tour last year and this was one of the first things that materialised when we got back in a room together. Once the song had a rough shape, we booked studio time with the very much loved Ber Quinn. We wanted to keep its initial feeling intact by working together in creating new textures while in the recording studio".

Ahead of their headline show on the 2nd September, of all living things will be releasing another single 'On Familiar Ground, Accompanied by Familiar Faces'.

"The title was inspired by a David Byrne quote "as a listener you'd be on familiar ground and accompanied by familiar faces, but the landscape and settings would keep changing". We all connected with this, as we navigate our own feelings of anxiety about change. The band has been our familiar ground while the world goes round and the time flies by. The song is about unconditional love, getting close and letting go. It's about noticing deeply rooted patterns and wanting to change. Wanting to start anew and let go of any attachments, but also simultaneously, not being ready to lose the familiar faces".

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